Our Mission

“Our mission is to be the leading North American Distributor and value-added processor of stainless steel products. We will be successful by delivering superior customer service, product diversity and innovative in-house processing capabilities to meet the changing needs of our customers.”


ISO 9001-2008

Our ISO-2000 Certification is reviewed once a year by BSI. This stringent process allows CFF to supply our customers with the highest quality products available. CFF not only insures quality products, but products delivered on time.


Our Website

Our website was built to help you get the stainless steel products you need, on-time and on-budget. It contains specification sheets for a variety of stainless steel materials, as well as, full downloadable C.F.F Stainless Steel product brochures. For additional information please call 1-800-263-4511 or email us.

CFF plasma cutting stainless steelOur Specialty

We are North America‚Äôs premier certified stainless steel supplier and value-added processor of “competitive quality” stainless steel products with operations in Canada and the US. We cater to a number of different market segments (such as Food Processing, Beverage, Chemical, Pulp and Paper, Water Purification, Architectural and Pharma/BioTech) and their suppliers including.

In addition, our dedicated staff can help fulfill all of your Stainless Steel needs including Plasma Cutting, Laser Cutting, Water-jet Cutting, Stainless Steel polishing, Stainless Steel Shearing and Saw Cutting. We also have a full inventory of a variety of high-quality stainless steel products such as steel tubes, pipes, sheets, plates, bars, chains and fittings. Let us show you the meaning of “C.F.F. Stainless Steel Customer Service”.

CFF Stainless Steel product examplesOur Quality Statement

A Stainless Steel Chain is only as strong as its weakest link

It is the policy of C.F.F. Stainless Steels Inc. to provide our customers with the best possible stainless steel products at a competitive price level.

We have organized and implemented a “Quality Management System” and have integrated all of the control aspects of quality assurance into each employee’s mandate. This system creates a thought process that supports our quality concepts and objectives, and reinforces our commitment to meeting both customer needs and expectations while improving customer service and satisfaction.

Through measurable performance objectives such as on-time delivery and by continually improving the effectiveness of our quality system, we guarantee our competitive edge and ensure our future as your stainless steel supplier.

Brian R. McComb


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